We have considerable experience in the delivery of sustainable drainage solutions and flood risk assessments to satisfy the requirements of Local Planning Authorities, Lead Local Flood Authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.



We have extensive experience in designing sustainable surface water and foul water drainage design solutions. Either at concept stage, where we work closely with the masterplanning team or through detailed design, we demonstrate how drainage will be managed in line with statutory guidance to satisfy local planning authority requirements. Our expertise covers both new and existing developments on green or brownfield land, and includes the modification of established drainage systems and the alteration and diversion of existing watercourses.

Key Services:

We can provide drainage strategies, the design of attenuation ponds and Sustainable Urban Drainage techniques (SuDS).

Flood Risk

Our Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) evaluate the risk of flooding to and from the proposed development site and identify flood mitigation measures as part of a site wide drainage strategy in order to satisfy the requirements of the local planning authority. The effect of climate change and increasingly stringent controls on flood plain development means the appraisal of drainage and flood requirements is of primary importance for site redevelopment. 

Key Services:

We can provide FRAs, watercourse diversions and enhancements, and floodplain re-modelling. Hydraulic modelling and hydrological assessments can also be carried out for more complex sites. 

Drainage Strategies and Flood Risk Assessments can either be produced as separate or combined reports.

Flood Risk Assessments and Drainage Strategies are produced in accordance with the requirements of the National Planning Policy Framework (England) and Technical Advice Note 15 (Wales).