We provide a technically focused service to assist prospective purchasers, property owners and asset managers in understanding the engineering constraints and opportunities associated with land regeneration and redevelopment.


Land acquisition and redevelopment requires the consideration of a range of environmental and construction risks. We provide an expert review and support across a number of technical fields at the early stage of a project or prospective purchase. Based on our team's many years' experience working on land development schemes, we are able to provide engineering-led land appraisals that help define development cost-abnormals and constraints, and assist in the development of a site's masterplan.

At the due-dilligence stage, our in-house team provides expertise in assessing the implications of poor ground and contamination as well as highway access constraints, flood and drainage requirements and requisites for future utilities and servicing. In addition, by assessing the technical constraints during the early stages of a project, our masterplanning team can also help maximise land potential and identify spatial solutions to engineering constraints.

We have a multidiciplinary ethos and recognise the need to accommodate a range of considerations within our technical solutions, including those driven by ecological and sustainability drivers, and the needs of a wide range of regulatory and public stakeholders.