We design integrated roads and drainage that draw on expertise from right across the engineering and design disciplines. We have a very strong engineering team with an in-depth understanding of road network asset management and we have had a design input on over 400 residential and commercial sites throughout the UK.


Our integrated and talented infrastructure design team have a wealth of experience in the design of adoptable highway and drainage solutions in order to obtain statutory approvals for residential and commercial developments.

The team can provide pre-planning advice for the pre-acquisition of land right through to detailed design and construction.

Key Services:


We integrate with the development team early within the project to achieve the optimum highway layout for the development. Our work often involves managing highway agreements and approvals, such as new roads to be adopted by local highway authorities (Section 38 and Section 7), alterations to existing highways (Section 278), and minor works to public highways (Sections 171 and 184). As part of the highways' design works, we would also undertake detailed earthworks modelling using 3D modelling software.


We ensure early involvement on projects to advise our clients on the flood risk and drainage strategy, and how this would integrate with the masterplan. This would include advising the client on suitable Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) designs to satisfy Lead Local Flood Authority requirements on achieving both the reduction and the balance of surface water, in conjunction with water quality improvement. We provide primary drainage infrastructure design and approval (including Section 104 sewer adoption and Section 185 sewer diversion) and pumping station designs. We are also able to produce complex hydraulic models and simulations of the site-wide drainage infrastructure using the latest available software.