Our highly-experienced engineering team specialises in both the geo-environmental and geotechnical aspects of land development. With a strong understanding of the complex interactions between environmental, economic and social issues, the team offers a pragmatic and holistic approach to contaminated land management and brownfield and greenfield redevelopment.


With an in-depth knowledge of the current regulatory requirements and good practice guidance, we assist clients with the initial acquisition by providing due diligence support, and then throughout the redevelopment of the sites. By detailed characterisation of sites, we can deliver a commercial and sustainable solution that benefits our clients and other stakeholders, including regulators.

Key Services:

Acquisition and Planning

We provide advice and support during land acquisition and sales to best inform the client on the potential geotechnical and geo-environmental constraints and opportunities of a site. Development sites are supported through the planning process with tailored strategy reports, geo-environmental desk studies and appraisals. 

Design Development

We design and procure physical ground investigation works to characterise the ground conditions at a site. Information collected during these works is evaluated and used in generic / detailed risk assessments for human health, controlled waters and ground gas risk, and geotechnical assessments to identify foundation solutions and earthworks requirements.

Reclamation, Remediation Assessment and Strategy

We undertake remediation and reclamation options appraisal to determine the best remedial approach for a site with the development of a subsequent remedial strategy and works specifications. We can monitor remedial works on behalf of the client and work with contractors to provide verification of the final development platform. During all site works, we can advise and design Materials Management Plans (MMPs) to optimise the use of materials on site.