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Our Services

We provide an integrated land development engineering service and currently offer four core services.

Highway & Drainage Design

We design integrated roads and drainage that draw on expertise from right across the engineering and design disciplines. We have a very strong engineering team with an in-depth understanding of road network asset management and we have had a design input on over 400 residential and commercial sites throughout the UK.

Geo-Environmental & Geotechnical Engineering

Our highly-experienced engineering team specialises in both the geo-environmental and geotechnical aspects of land development. With a strong understanding of the complex interactions between environmental, economic and social issues, the team offers a pragmatic and holistic approach to contaminated land management and brownfield and greenfield redevelopment.

Water Resources & Flood Risk

We have considerable experience in the delivery of sustainable drainage solutions and flood risk assessments to satisfy the requirements of Local Planning Authorities, Lead Local Flood Authorities, the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.

Land Development

We provide a technically focused service to assist prospective purchasers, property owners and asset managers in understanding the engineering constraints and opportunities associated with land regeneration and redevelopment.