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Meet the Team

The technically excellent team at PJA Engineering are proud of the 15 degrees held between them and the combined experience (over 100 years!) they have in the marketplace.

Mike Poland
Mike Poland Land Development Director - BSc (Hons) MSc CGeol FGS

Mike has 25 years’ experience in the regeneration of brownfield land, and is the technical director for the overall land development team. Mike works in business development, acts as a project director and provides project technical support.

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Becky Lowe
Becky Lowe Associate Director - BSc (Hons) MSc CSci FGS

Becky has over 11 years’ experience working in land development, with a particular specialism in brownfield engineering. Becky forms part of the land development team and is responsible for the overall business development.

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Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson Associate Director - BEng (Hons) BTEC HNC

Chris is an Associate Director with over 25 years’ experience in civil engineering design. Chris leads the civil engineering design team at PJA Engineering.

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Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee Associate Director - BSc (Hons) MSc, CGeol, FGS

Michelle is an Associate with over 19 years experience of undertaking a variety of redevelopment and engineering projects from tender stage through due diligence review to ground investigation, remedial and earthworks design, supervision and validation.

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Jenny Mullen
Jenny Mullen Associate, Geo-environmental Lead - BSc (Hons) MRes PhD FGS

Dr. Jenny has over ten years' experience working as an environmental consultant in contaminated land management. With a PhD in biomineralisation and a master’s degree in contaminated land management, Jenny is the geo-environmental technical lead.

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Dan McCrudden
Dan McCrudden Associate Civil Engineer - BA (Hons)

Dan has over 12 years’ experience working as a civil engineer. Dan is the technical lead for the civil engineering design team and provides important mentoring support for junior staff.

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Philip Salter
Philip Salter Design Engineer - HNC Civil Engineering

Phil is an experienced Traffic Engineer with over 12 years' experience in Highway Design having worked with a variety of organisations including Highways England, Local Government Authorities and Design Consultancies.

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Gemma Fuller
Gemma Fuller Land Development Coordinator - BA (Hons)

Gemma has ten years’ experience working in the civil engineering industry, assisting and coordinating the delivery of residential, commercial and mixed use development projects.

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Arron Tullett
Arron Tullett Assistant Civil Engineer - BTEC HNC

Arron is an Assistant Civil Engineer at PJA Engineering, with around five years’ experience of residential and commercial schemes. Arron undertakes highway design works and supports the wider team.

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Conor Balant
Conor Balant Technician - BTEC

Conor works as a Technician providing valuable support for the civil engineering design team. Conor also assists the land development team with the production of technical drawings.

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Tyler Pearson
Tyler Pearson Apprentice Civil Engineer

Tyler is an Apprentice Civil Engineer having recently opted to immerse himself into a new career within the engineering sector providing support on both residential and commercial developments.

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Andrew Catmur
Andrew Catmur Director - BEng (Hons) CEng MICE

Andrew has over 40 years’ experience working on land regeneration schemes, providing integrated engineering land development services to maximise development advantage.

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